my theatre vision (2013)

I aim to create an atmospheric sensuous performances that explore connection between different art forms because in this mixture something exiting is happening.


I strive for a balance between

known and unknown,

safety and risk,

instinct and intellect.


I imagine to build a thick ATMOSPHERES by affecting the SENSES of the audience. I want to stimulate their imagination through images I formed.


I expect my performative works to be 


I am interested in

absurd situation

and connections 

which nevertheless make sense in the specific world of the “play”.


I would like to seek right level of abstract expression which for the public remains specific enough so they can associate it with concrete 






I wish my spectators to come both from

outside and inside

of the artistic community.


With my pieces, I would like to heavily embrace them, and suddenly


something unforeseen out of them. 


I need to push myself to not only


I want them to experience different kind of stimuli that arouse their emotions or intellect.


The P R E S E N C E of the performer

is the very exciting element of the live performance 

and the reason why I am deeply fascinated by theatre.

My performances should be therefore based on physicality, but

I am not interested in showing a skills of a human body unless it serves the piece. VOICE – speaking and singing, MOVEMENT – dancing and stillness, LISTENING, TOUCHING and SMELLING are tools of my body I intend to incorporate in my work.

I want to research how can I stay alive and never take anything on stage and during process of performance making for granted. I wander how can I shift my usual area of expression or thinking?


I need to be occupied on stage, do the things for real.

As an actor I shall NEVER PRETEND.


A purity 

of form does not arouse my curiosity 

therefore I would like to intervene or melt together different forms and methods

in order to MOULD

some kind of performative hybrid.


For example I am intrigued by a connection between video projection and other theatrical elements (body, movement, sound, space, set, text etc.). I would like to explore the possibility of video projection use to broaden up the performance expression.


As an artist I should cultivate and develop

my skills,


and understanding


I need to SUSTAIN

level of flexibility and awareness in my body and mind

because it is

an essence of my art.



Am I going to Contact people to Connect each other to Collect our Contrast which through Cooperation and Collaboration can lead to Coexistence or Collision? Will this Collective Communicate Concrete Comment in the Context of our Cosmos to give people Coitus so I can gain Coherence of getting my Costs back? Is coexistence of contrasts possible?

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