Projects by T.I.T.S.


is a fluctuating independent collective that creates atmospheric audio-visual performances with the body in its center. Founding members Nela H. Kornetová, Ann Sofie Godø, Juli Apponen and Björn Hansson joined forces at the Norwegian Theater Academy and started to work with the light and sound design, the architecture of the given space, and the physical and vocal presence of performers, in a way that made all of these components equally important. T.I.T.S. operate in fairly democratic flat structure with skill-based responsibilities with Nela H.Kornetová as the artistic project leader. They are interested in themes that audience can relate to instinctively. T.I.T.S. created black box specific performance “Trumpets in the Sky” as their NTA graduation exam which later successfully toured around Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Italy and Czech Republic. Since then they have produced 2 other works: multimedia performance “My own private picture” (2015) and audio-visual dance piece “Forced Beauty” (2016). Currently they are preparing new projects in a form they choose to call dance concert/physical opera: “MINE”. (premiere in Black Box Theater in Oslo in November 2017) and “CULT OF BUSY” (premiere in 2018).


Forced Beauty” (2016) by T.I.T.S. is an audio-visual performance about power structures, aesthetics of violence and the strangeness of empathy.

Welcome to a painful world of love and hate, of endless negotiation, of fascination, pleasure and despair where two women crave to dominate each other. How “bloody” can a Bloody Mary get?

Forced Beauty was inspired by the (re)presentation of violence in our daily life while exploring power structures and forceful tendencies in relationships. T.I.T.S. aim to confront our fascination for violence with research on mirror neurons closely linked with the audience’s ability to experience physical empathy.



My own private picture” (2015) by T.I.T.S. is a multimedia performance about media and our desires which explores the display of ‘sexuality’ in porn focusing on female point of view. It touches the issue of how the omnipresent media images effect the most intimate spheres of our lives and interfere with the creation of our desires. It blurs the personal experience with fiction by combining documentary elements with illusive scenes that to some extent works with TV media schemes.



Trumpets in the Sky” (2013) by T.I.T.S. is an atmospheric performance exploring the emotion of fear. It is a dark tale of fragmented images that touch the anticipation of potential apocalypse. The piece is black box specific, and highlights the features and qualities of the room, while the physical presence of performers, light design, space and sound support and complete each other to affect audience’s imagination and experience.