Forced Beauty

How bloody can a Bloody Mary get? “Forced Beauty” by T.I.T.S. is an audio-visual performance about power structures, violent aesthetics and the strangeness of empathy.

Forced Beauty by T.I.T.S. was inspired by the (re)presentation of violence in our daily life while exploring power structures and forceful tendencies in relationships. T.I.T.S. aim to confront our fascination for violence with research on mirror neurons in the human brain that is closely linked with the audience’s ability for physical empathy.



 My own private picture


My own private picture” is a multimedia performance about media and our desires which explores the display of ‘sexuality’ in porn focusing on female point of view. It touches the issue of how the omnipresent media images effect the most intimate spheres of our lives and interfere with the creation of our desires. It blurs the personal experience with fiction by combining documentary elements with illusive scenes that to some extent works with TV media schemes.




Én be, ő ki/ I go in, he goes out./ Já dovnitř, on ven

Video based on the performance about the “shadows” of one chapel where the light, sound and movement allied in one body, Czech Republic, in September 2013, project Pilsen 2015.


Trumpets in the Sky

Trailer of atmospheric black box specific performance based on exploration of emotion of fear and anticipation of a potential apocalypse, in Norway, March 2013, at Norwegian Theatre Academy.

You can find more information about the project here:


ba zen / pool

Short cut of the multi-medial physical performance inspired by graphic poetry of Martin Bernátek. The piece deals with themes of claustrophobia and existential pressure, in Czech Republic, in May 2010

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